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  • What do the colored dots mean, shown behind my invoices submitted?
    This invoice has not yet been processed
    This invoice has been processed
    This invoice has been put on hold
    This invoice has been rejected. You will receive an e-mail with the reason for this.
    This invoice has been processed and is ready for payment.
    This invoice has been paid. The purchase invoice can be found under Settlement purchases.
  • My bill was rejected
    If you have received an email from your account manager, the reason for the rejection will always be described. If you have any questions or comments about this, please contact your account manager.
  • There is an error in my uploaded invoice, what now?
    You must always contact us to have the invoice removed. We will then manually delete your invoice, after which you can resubmit the adjusted invoice.

    If it is an additional invoice, you can simply upload it with an addition to the invoice number (for example an A) or with a new invoice number and refer to the invoice number to which the additional invoice relates. Then we can process this invoice.

    Pay attention! When you have received a purchase statement of the relevant invoice, you must submit a credit note for the difference and we will settle this difference with you with a subsequent purchase statement.
  • I can not upload my bill
    Please contact us. We can then help you remotely through TeamViewer.
  • What documents should I submit standard?
    In order to be able to accept your invoice, the attachments substantiating the invoice must also be supplied. Think of an hours list, work order or purchase order. These can be uploaded together or separately. Pay attention! You can only upload the file type .pdf.
  • Requirements submit invoice
    In addition to the fact that the attachments substantiating the invoice must be supplied, there are also requirements for your invoice. We apply a number of conditions for submitting an invoice, see written out below.
    • Your company details
    • Your VAT number and the VAT number of your client
    • Invoice number and invoice date
    • Client address
    • Description of the completed work with the corresponding number of hours and rate
    • The agreed payment term
    • The possible split percentage (free / g-account) with a statement of both our bank account number and the bank account number of your g-account
    • The factoring text below should be mentioned at the bottom of your invoice
    [Your company name] uses factoring. Ownership of the receivable invoiced here (with the exception of any part thereof to be transferred to the G account) has been transferred to Svea Finans in Reeuwijk. Payment of these claims must take place within 30 days after the invoice date to bank account NL27ABNA0567836231 in the name of Svea Finans in Reeuwijk stating the invoice number.