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  • How do I prepare my invoice?
    This invoice has not yet been processed
    This invoice has been processed
    This invoice has been put on hold
    This invoice has been rejected. You will receive an e-mail with the reason for this.
    This invoice has been processed and is ready for payment.
    This invoice has been paid. The purchase invoice can be found under Settlement purchases.
  • What exactly will my invoice look like?

    In the example invoice below you can see how to prepare your invoice.

    Afbeelding voorbeeldfactuur
  • What documents should I add to the invoices I submit?

    Svea only accepts substantiated invoices. That is why you also add attachments to the invoices you submit. Think of an order confirmation, proof of delivery, work order, timesheet and purchase order. Appendices must be signed by the client. Please note: you can only submit these attachments as a PDF file.

  • What will change for me if I use Factoring via Svea?

    In addition to adding the assignment text and our bank account number on your invoice, you send the invoice to Svea and not to the client. After purchase, we will forward the invoice to your client and pay the money directly to you. Svea then waits for payment from your client, because he now has to pay us. And does he exceed the payment term? Then we take care of the debtor management. If necessary in consultation with you. This way, your good customer relationship always comes first!

    Is your client not paying or is he going bankrupt? No worries! With factoring we become the legal owner of all invoices that you sell to us. As a result, we also take over the credit risk. This way you are 100% assured of your money.

  • How can I submit my invoices to Svea?
    • Portal my.svea.nl

    You can easily submit your invoices with attachments via this portal. You do this via the light blue area on the My invoices page. On this page you can also follow the status of submitted invoices and payments 24/7. Moreover, in our portal you will find your invoices, debtors and purchase statements bundled in one place. More information about our portal can be found on the Support page. You will only have full access to the portal after the agreement has been concluded.

    • Email

    You can also submit your invoices to us by email. Send a separate e-mail per invoice with attachments to facturen@svea.nl. Even if you submit your invoices in this way, you can always view the status via our portal.

  • What if I run into a problem in the portal?

    Are you unable to submit invoices? Or do you run into another problem in the portal? Please contact your account manager. We will then help you remotely. If necessary, we can watch live with you in your portal account via TeamViewer. This way we can help you even faster.

  • How can I track the status of my submitted invoices?

    On the My invoices page you will find an overview of the invoices that are being processed. Here you can discover which phase an invoice is in based on different colors. To do this, move your mouse over the ‘Status’ heading and see what the colors mean. This way you can follow the status of submitted invoices and payments 24/7.

    Is there a red cross next to it? Then the invoice is rejected and the reason is stated. You will also receive an email from us about this. Remove the notification by clicking the red cross.

  • There is an error in my submitted invoice, what now?

    Contact us on 0182 - 62 44 00. We will then delete the invoice manually, after which you can resubmit the modified invoice with attachments.

  • What should I do if my invoice has been rejected?

    If your invoice has been rejected, you will receive an email from us. Here is the reason for rejection. If possible, you can also read what you need to adjust and how you can resubmit your invoices including attachments.

  • What is the purchase percentage?

    This is the percentage of the invoice amount that we charge as costs for our services. At Svea, this cost percentage is between 2-5% per invoice. The exact percentage depends on the number of invoices, the invoice amount, the payment term and the creditworthiness of your customer. In your factoring proposal you will find the specific cost percentage per client and the handling costs.

    Good to know: we use agreed, fixed prices. Does your customer pay late or not? No worries! The price remains the same, without penalty interest. Because we also take over the credit risk.

  • How do I pay for factoring via Svea?

    Svea will pay you the invoice amount immediately after purchase. But we still deduct the factoring percentage of 2-5% and the handling costs. We therefore settle our costs directly with the payment. You don't have to do anything for this.

  • Until what time can I submit my invoices to get them paid the same day?

    It is best to submit your invoices to us in the morning. Because do you submit your invoices on workdays before 12 noon and are they approved? Then the money is in your account today.

    Do you want to get your invoices paid immediately? Then request an urgent payment. Read more about this under the question 'What are the options for an urgent payment?'.

  • What if I submit my invoices later than 12 noon?

    We therefore process your invoices as quickly as possible. But for the payment we depend on the processing times of the bank. These are at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. The money will then be in your account no later than the next working day.

    Do you want to get your invoices paid immediately in the afternoon? Then request an urgent processing. Read more about this under the question 'What are the options for an urgent payment?'.

  • What if I want to get my invoices paid urgently?

    This is possible with an urgent payment or urgent processing. You can read more about these options in the table.

    Moment of submission Action Cost Money in your account
    Do you submit your invoice before 12 noon? Request an Express Payment €12.50 Within 2 hours
    Do you submit your invoice after 12 noon? Request an urgent processing before 3.30 pm €25,- Within 2 hours
  • How do I request an expedited payment?

    You can check the box 'expedited payment' when submitting your invoices in the portal. This will initiate the expedited payment. Do you submit your invoices by email? Please contact your account manager on 0182 - 62 44 00.

  • How do I request an urgent payment?

    You can check the box 'urgent payment' when submitting your invoices in the portal. This will initiate the urgent payment. Do you submit your invoices by email? Please contact your account manager on 0182 - 62 44 00.

  • How can I request a new client (debtor)?

    Do you have a new client and do you also want to submit his invoices for factoring? Simply & quickly request a credit check for this client on the Debtors page in this portal. Use the icon at the top right of the page for this. add debtor

    Would you rather request a new client by telephone or e-mail? That is also possible. Contact your account manager via his e-mail address or 0182 - 62 44 00.

  • How do I know if my client complies?

    Before you can submit your invoices from a client to us, we do a credit check on your debtor. Because his creditworthiness is paramount. Is he sufficiently creditworthy? Then we issue a limit and you can sell the invoices of that client to us! This way you know that your client complies. Do we reject your client? You will also receive a message from us about this. In the Dashboard you will find the rate for a credit check under the heading 'Information costs'.

  • What is a limit?

    The limit is the maximum outstanding amount per client. We determine the limit with a credit check that we perform in advance on every client you register. The outcome of this determines whether your client is acceptable. And if so, what limit do we issue.

  • What does Svea do with the applicable payment term for my client?

    We take over the payment term that you agree with your client.

  • What changes for my clients if I use factoring?

    For your clients, only the bank account number on which they must make the payment changes. You make this known with the factoring text that you place on the invoices in advance. And does the payment fail? Then we take care of the debtor management. If necessary in consultation. Because your good customer relationship comes first!

    Reassurance: factoring is a widely accepted form of financing. Your clients will no longer be surprised by this. Often they even have experience with this.

  • How do my clients know that I do factoring?

    Because you add our factoring text and bank account number to your invoice. This text states that the invoice has been transferred to Svea and your client, who now has to pay us. During the forwarding of your invoice, we also add a short explanation about our services to the e-mail. This way your client is fully informed.

  • Do clients now think that things are going badly financially?

    No, it is not! There are many reasons to use factoring. Consider, for example, the direct release of working capital. So that you can start, grow, purchase, do business seasonally or second & broadcast. But also outsourcing debtor management to professionals such as Svea. Or getting security by transferring the credit risk. Moreover, non-bank financing is more popular than ever!